About the Ionic Dynamo

The ionic dynamo delivers the highest levels of negative ions of any product on the market today. It is a sturdy well made unit manufactured right here in the USA by skilled craftsmen using the highest quality materials. It is easy to setup and use and requires only minimal maintenance.

The Original
Ionic Dynamo

The Ionic Dynamo

The Ionic Dynamo

Feel the cleansing power of negative ionic energy. Enjoy the therapeutic value of balanced energy states and body detoxification.

If you have ever experienced an ion therapy session at a health food store or chiropractor's office, then you know that these sessions can cost $30 or more. Now, for a reasonable price, you can enjoy all the benefits of negative ion treatments sessions at your convenience and in the privacy and comfort of your home.

The Ionic Dynamo ionizes water to create the therapeutic qualities found naturally in some of the worlds most celebrated healing springs and spas. The potent energies released neutralize toxic compounds and pull them from the body utilizing the process of reverse osmosis.

Ionic Dynamo Advantage

The Ionic Dynamo Advantage
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