Feel the cleansing power of negative ionic energy. Enjoy the therapeutic value of balanced energy states and body detoxification.

If you have ever experienced an ion therapy session at a health food store or chiropractor’s office, then you know that these sessions can cost $30 or more. Now, for a reasonable price, you can enjoy all the benefits of negative ion treatments sessions at your convenience and in the privacy and comfort of your home.

The Ionic Dynamo ionizes water to create the therapeutic qualities found naturally in some of the worlds most celebrated healing springs and spas. The potent energies released neutralize toxic compounds and pull them from the body utilizing the process of reverse osmosis.


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Have you ever walked barefoot on a beach with the waves crashing in and felt somehow invigorated and renewed? Or after the passing of a thunderstorm, noticed a marked reduction in mental stress and tension? Or perhaps the best example of all, been in close proximity to a waterfall and was overwhelmed with a feeling of well being and wholeness? Then you have experienced for yourself the power of natures own negative ion generators !


The Ionic dynamo is a revolutionary new method to restore the body to a balanced energy state thereby creating the conditions that are most favorable to internal equilibrium and good health.


There are many negative ion generating devices on the market today. Many of these units sell for well over $1,000. The ionic dynamo has been developed as an affordable alternative to these more expensive models while still being a very effective source of negative ions.


Many people have undergone negative ion therapy sessions at a health food/wellness store, chiropractors office, or with a naturalistic health provider, The cost of a treatment session can be $30.00 to $50.00 or more. The ionic dynamo allows the user to enjoy all the benefits of negative ion treatments sessions at their own convenience and in the privacy and comfort of their own home.


The ionic dynamo delivers the highest levels of negative ions of any product on the market today. It is a sturdy well made unit manufactured right here in the USA by skilled craftsmen using the highest quality materials. It is easy to setup and use and requires only minimal maintenance.
The main therapeutic value of negative ion treatments is in the realm of balanced energy states and body detoxification.


By balancing the life force energy, a marked reduction of stress and tension can be felt by most users with the first treatment session. Any doctor will tell you that high stress levels can lead to a wide variety of health problems, some of them life threatening. High blood pressure is one of the most common serious conditions treated by modern medicine and one which can lead to stroke, aneurysms, and heart attacks, as well as other cardiovascular disorders. Stress also contributes to reoccurring headaches, migraines, severe PMS and menopause. Many body pains and muscle aches, especially in the lower back and neck can be traced directly to stress.


Besides physical conditions, nervous tension plays a major role in clinical depression, attention deficit syndrome, bi-polar disorders and many other mental conditions which seem to plague our modern existence. Dr. Michael Norden in him book, Beyond Prozac, discusses research which has found that exposure to negative ions can reduce irritability and depression and improve cognitive performance and energy.


The ionic dynamo is a non-invasive system which increases the body’s natural energy state. It has been proven to reduce stress, tension, anxiety, and hostility. With regular use, the ionic dynamo will give the practitioner renewed energy and strength, as well as the inner peace necessary to handle the on-going problems of daily life.


The other main benefit associated with ion therapy is in the area of body detoxification. Our world as well as our bodies are exposed to more and more toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and waste products everyday. The national academy of science estimates that today we are exposed to over 5,000 chemicals and toxins that were not in the environment 150 years ago. Also the federal drug and food administration now allows over 500 chemical additives to be used in our food supply. The long term effects of exposure to many of these chemicals and toxins are unknown.


Over time, these chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals accumulate in our bodily tissues and if not removed can lead to serious health problems.


The ionic dynamo ionizes water to create the therapeutic qualities found naturally in some of the worlds most celebrated healing springs and spas. The potent energies released neutralize toxic compounds and pull them from the body utilizing the process of reverse osmosis. With the removal of toxins and heavy metals, the auto-immune system of our bodies can once again function at maximum efficiency. Rendering us much less susceptible to disease and speeding up our bodies natural ability to repair damage caused from injury or illness.


When utilizing the 304 stainless steel generating elements, The water will begin to change colors during the treatment session. This color change can be anything from a light reddish to a dark murky brown with a foamy pancake floating on the surface. These changes seems to be dependent on local water quality, duration of the session, and the individuals own body state. Along with a change of water color, flakes and particles of various sizes, shapes, and color are also commonly generated during the treatment session. These phenomena change over time and will be different with each individual. All seem to be indicators of toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals being pulled out of the body.


No ion generating device has been tested by the FDA and their use have been deemed experimental. This having been said, many people have reported very favorable results from negative ion therapy. The ionic generator is not a medical device and is not intended to treat or cure any illness or disease. The information contained here is for informational purposes only.


The stainless steel generating elements will provide approximately 60 treatment sessions before they must be replaced.


The ionic dynamo comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, return it for a full refund. The generating array comes with a one year warranty against all defects in material and workmanship.

Dr. Deborahe ProckFrom Dr. Deb…


A Bit About Me


My name is Deborahe Prock, Naturopathic Practitioner, AKA Dr. Deb; and I am passionate about healing! Since 1993, I have embraced my path as Healer and Teacher. Always maintaining a humble attitude of student as well as healer, my senses are always open to healing possibilities.


I am my own best testimony: after surviving three separate types of cancer, the various treatments, and some permanent effects of those treatments, I brought myself back to health and vitality using some modern medicine in conjunction with the wisdom I gained becoming a Master Herbalist. Through my experiences, I have gained extraordinary insight into how to enable individuals to create their own wellness. I feel honored to be able to help and encourage others toward their goal of well-being.


When I first began working as a natural healer, all of my visits were house calls…I embraced the idea of the traveling “barefoot doctors”, of the ancient “medicine woman”, and of “simpling”. A “barefoot doctor” traveled from village to village learning, healing, and dispensing knowledge gained in the field regarding health. We have heard about the medicine women of many different cultures who carefully passed their wisdom of the healing and nutritional powers of plants down through the ages. The art of growing and using herbs for medicine is traditionally called “simpling” however I take the notion a step farther: I believe that less is best when it comes to using herbs to improve health, so I keep my herbals blends as simple as possible to maintain their effectiveness. Often, taking 1 or 2 of the correct herbs is much more effective than taking 6 or 8 of the almost correct herbs.


As my practice has grown and thrived, my traveling days are fewer and you can usually find me at my office. Seeing clients every day has allowed me to gain even more knowledge based on direct feedback from my clients. I have learned that what works for one client may not work for another client. Each individual has their own herbal needs and I am pleased to be able to offer personalized herbal blends if needed. We prepare our herbs in small batches thereby ensuring freshness and quality. Nothing lingers on our shelves…no time to grow stale!


All of my remedies are created with the intention of healing and I carefully screen my herb suppliers. I always want to know where the herbs are from, how they have been prepared and stored, as well as the intention they were harvested with. I provide far too many remedies to be able to grow the herbs myself anymore. Most of the herbs I use in my remedies are harvested with the intention to heal. I do not use any herbs in my remedies that I would not use for my family or for our pets.


I could not keep up with the demand for my herbal remedies by myself, so here I must give credit to my husband and helpmate, Rickey, and to my wonderful assistant, Janise, for their dedication and hard work. Each morning, before we begin working with the herbs, we thank God for the opportunity to provide healing and we ask for His blessing.


Although modern living has created many degrees of separation between people and our natural world, I believe there are benefits to be had by blending the best of both modern medicine & natural medicine, thereby lessening the space between these applications: integrative medicine. Many of us find benefits from the use of herbal remedies as well as prescription medications! I openly and happily work with traditional doctors in order to help clients thrive.


My passion is healing & teaching and not-so-much about the money-making involved, so don’t be surprised at how reasonable my prices are. If I didn’t have to make a living, I would not charge for my services at all! Giving people what they honestly need and are able to afford is my creed.


Please check back often and freely explore this website! Read much in your quest for knowledge and well-being! I am always available for your questions and/or comments.


Deborahe Prock, Qualifications

2005 – Clayton College of Natural Medicine: Doctor of Naturopathy degree
2004 – Holistic Pet Care course completion – Andrew Jones, D.V.M.
2000 – Bach Practitioner Certification (for people & pets)
1993 – East West School of Herbology: Master Herbologist

Continuing Education: currently working towards Nutritional Counseling Certification.

Teaching: General Principles of Herbs course, Bach Flower Essences course, Detoxification Techniques, Animal Acupressure.

Affiliations: American Herbalists Guild, Flower Essence Society, National Association of Professional Women, Cambridge Who’s Who Society, El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce, Network El Dorado, Board Member for Job’s Shelters of the Sierra

My goal is not just healing, but educating. As my client, you will learn why you are not feeling well and how to take responsibility for your own health & well-being by fully understanding the benefits of each herb in the specific remedy blended for you.

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